Divine Feminine: GOD IS WOMAN – Inaya Folarin


Drawing by Inaya Folarin

The Creatrix, Creatress, the portal between the material and the immaterial. All manifests from her primordial womb. The birther of life, consciousness, mind and matter. She gives from herself and of herself to bring forth creation. If God make in her image then she is female. She is woman. God is Woman.


Colours, Pain and Womanhood – Inaya Folarin

Colours, Pain and Womanhood – Inaya FolarinDSC00640

I painted this when I went through a period of struggling immensely with life. There was a person that I wanted to be and had envisaged myself as but I felt as if nothing was working for me and that my dreams for myself were far out of my grasp. I was trying to mould an identity for myself but it kept falling through my fingers like sand.

Acceptance and trust have frequently been my biggest personal challenges and I am learning and growing from this everyday.

Inaya Folarin