The Beauty of Travelling – Inaya Folarin

I believe reality is magical, mysterious and a little mischievous and that on each plane of reality there are endless levels and facets to experience. For example, we can explore multiple levels of the mind from everyday existence to altered states of consciousness through meditation, psychedelics and other practices. This similarly goes for the body wherein we can experience passionate sex, physical training, exercise and push our bodies to its absolute limits. We can journey beyond this spinning ball of rock and water to other perilous planets and eventually other galaxies and dimensions. There are seemingly countless ways to submerge into an experience.

Therefore, for me, traveling to different parts of the world is another element of the vast array of adventures and journeys available for humans to voyage, understand and develop our knowledge of.

Travelling enables us to learn the fascinating and tumultuous lives that others live – from the simple to sublime; to exchange and challenge ourselves and to be immersed in something completely outside of our conventional lives. Through traveling, we can experience and interact with an infinite number of cultures, languages, peoples, traditions, and histories and we can discover the root of our humanity by finding out what makes us all tick and possibly where it all began. It allows humans to appreciate the intricacies that make us diverse but also strengthen the thread that connects us all, irrespective of where we are in the world.

Inaya Folarin

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