Human Nature by Inaya Folarin (Poem)

In the dark depths of desperation and despair
We still seem to seek light
Because we understand that our state is temporary
That our souls transcend, bend and amend
The ills done to this form
We can mourn
But we still go on
But to me that is not enough
When it’s tough
We shy away, we pray, we obey
But deep down we doubt
Because we know that this is not normal
That the toothless, ruthless, look into the faces
Of our children and say that one day they can kill strangers in places
They haven’t heard of, less understand
To fight for a land that gives in one hand and takes in another
To judge by the skin not within,
There is another way together we must lay
A foundation that reflects our values
That values
Our heart, our mind, our dreams
This doesn’t have to be a dream,
It starts with an idea, a thought
A conversation
To shape our reality and change what is taught
Am I idealistic? Unrealistic? because I care,
That I don’t want to struggle, but instead share
The gifts of life and fruits of nature
Or is this suffering normal, and all in human nature?

Inaya Folarin


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